Cardio Exercise Routines for a Healthy Heart

There are many benefits of cardio exercises like stronger heart, weight loss, and lungs. It also leads to increased bone density, reduced risk of heart diseases, less stress, and protection against some types of cancer. It also helps in providing temporary relief from depression and anxiety. You feel more confident about how you feel and look. You may also experience better sleep. All these are the top reasons to do cardio workouts.

The top five good cardio exercise routine for a healthy heart is:

  1. Jumping Rope

Jump rope for 10 minutes, and it can burn many calories as jogging at an eight-minute-per-mile pace, making it an excellent cardio workout. It is a cost-effective home workout. It helps you gain strength as it builds up bone density. It improves coordination as the jump rope forces you to keep a rhythmic pace; otherwise, you’ll trip. The benefit of jumping rope is that you can do it as much as you can, involving nearly every muscle, in the body, very useful for weight loss. One just needs to pretend that they are using a rope and rotate their wrists in time with your jumps.

  1. Squats are another excellent cardio exercise

If a person does ten squats and down to 1 pushup one would be done with 55 reps of each exercise and reap the benefit of the excellent cardio workout. Stand with your head facing forward, and chest held up and out then place your feet slightly wider or shoulder-width apart and extend your hands straight out in front of you while keeping your balance. Sit down as if you are sitting in an imaginary chair. Now, keep your head forward so that your upper body leans a bit. Now, lower your thighs parallel to the floor to have your knees over the ankles. Now, press your weight back onto the heels. You need to keep your body tight to push through the heels for bringing yourself to the start position.

  1. Jumping jacks

It is another form of an excellent cardio workout as it helps burn a lot of calories and along with that, it tones up the leg muscles. It helps to tone up the inner and outer thighs, quadriceps, laterals, and deltoids. Stretch your arms and legs well before your start jumping jacks. Put the feet together and bend your knees slightly, jump up in the air as high as you can Spread out your legs just a little wider than your shoulders as you jump also stretching your hands, simultaneously, in line with the shoulders. When coming down, make sure your feet rest on the floor at shoulder width while your hands are stretched out above the head.

  1. Spot Jogs

One can do this exercise while doing their daily activity like making tea or breakfast. Lift your knees as high as possible and try kicking your butt. You can also use your arms to elevate the rate of your heartbeat, which helps in improving the benefits of this exercise and making it a very easy any time to do a cardio workout.

  1. High Knee March

This cardio workout helps one’s endurance levels get a boost while giving toned thighs, hips, and abs. It is also a perfect form of cardio exercise one can do at home.  One should merely stand erect on the floor, keeping your spine and head erect the feet should be together, while hands rest alongside the body. Now, lift your feet, one at a time, allowing your knees to come until your waist simultaneously, move your alternate hands. That is the left hand with right knee and vice versa.

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