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Many doctors pull out an anti-depressant sample every time a patient starts to sob in front of them. But their triggered “happy prescription” writing trait isn’t always healthy. Not to undermine anyone’s depression, but tears and sadness are sometimes healthy; they don’t always need to be treated. Always remember that the pain and joy muscles are the same and you can’t feel one without feeling the other.There are other easy ways to treatment depression if you look around a bit.

Saying that, we know that clinical depression is a big bummer and if you are someone suffering from it, our heart goes out to you.  This is not meant to dismiss any anti-depressants your doctor might have suggested you. It could be life saving for some people. If you are suicidal or in a dire need to take medication for depression, you might want to consider some natural treatments before you dose up on side-effect laden medications to uplift your mood.

What makes you Depressed?

Depression can be a result of something circumstantial in your life, not the biochemical imbalances. You need to answer questions like whether your job requires you to sell your integrity? Are you unable to admit that your marriage is’t working out? Are you feeling any spiritual or sexual restlessness?  Are you going through any creative blocks? Is your body failing you? Are you in a financial crisis?

You need to be honest with yourself and answer these questions which might be off-kilter in your life. Try and get to the core reason you might be feeling depressed.

Treatment Depression in Natural Way

Exercise Daily

Exercise generates happy hormones endorphins which are similar to natural anti-depressants. This would give you a runner’s high and boost up your spirits.

Healthy Diet

Depression can’t be fixed with a magic diet but it is definitely a good idea to watch what you are eating. If you are over eating due to depression, to get it under control would make you feel better. There is no prove of it, but some cooks suggest that food such as salmon, tuna, spinach and avocado which have folic and omega-3 fatty acid in them can help with eliminating depression.

Get Adequate Amount of Sleep

Depression can mess up with your sleeping pattern and d-track you by letting you sleep either too little or too much. How do you get rid of this? Start with making some smaller changes in your daily routine. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time daily and try not to nap irregularly in between. Take all the distracting items such as TV, laptop, mobile and move them away from your reach and sight and improve your sleeping patterns.

Mediate and get your Hormones in Balance

Meditation has many positive effects on your mental health; it can uplift your mood by settling your head, In addition to numerous other health benefits.

Be aware of your hormonal imbalance which can make your mood go all wonky. Get your adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones in check by going to a good doctor and ask them to interpret them in a better and refined way. Therefore, making this as one of the better ways to treatment depression.

Talk to a Professional

Go to a therapist, a psychiatrist or any professional and express your feelings to them. Sometimes, all you need is to find someone who would listen to you and understand your thoughts and emotions.

Don’t worry, if everything else fails you can at least get anti-depressants.  There are times when you seem to do everything right and the cause of your depression is biochemical imbalance which might require you to take drugs. But that doesn’t mean you should forget taking care of the rest of you. Depression, like any other illness, requires a detailed investigation of your whole health.  It doesn’t only include your mind or body, it examines your relationships, your work, your financial situation, how do you express yourself in a creative way, your environment and whether you are letting the inner you shine . While you add these easy ways to treatment depression in your daily routine.

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