Fitness Exercises for Kids – Physical Sports Play a Key Role

Though sports are generally responsible for the health of adults, they are more particularly so in the case of kids. Kids are our vision statement. As there can be no building without bricks, cement, and mortar. Similarly, there can be no dynamic nation without healthy kids. They are in fact the building blocks of the society. So we must be very careful about their upbringing, especially when it comes to their physical fitness.

The men, women, and kids performing fitness exercises go a long way in improving and maintaining their health.

What is exercise?

Exercise is an organized form of physical exertion to get healthier. It usually leads to elevated heart rates utilizing higher energy levels to lower energy consumptions, depending on its intensity. For instance, walking is the lowest form of exercise while swimming or participating in combat sports involving extreme workouts. Moreover, bodies detoxify in the form of sweating. The importance of exercise is undeniable and a food for thought to deal with health problems.

Fitness Exercises through Sports Can Restore Health

Some schools are playing the role of games due to financial constraints. But this is not a commendable step. Without games, our kids will become unhealthy and anemic. This will make our future generations lop-sided because the kids will not be as healthy and fit as they should be. So the management of the schools should not cut out the kids sporting programs. The games children play have a direct impact on their health.

Fitness exercises involved in running sports like football, hockey or soccer are enough to keep them on the brighter side of things. However, warming up is pretty important. Kids can do that by stretching, jumping, bending or doing some acrobatics, whatever gives them a workout for 10 minutes or so. Look out for jumping jacks – it can really help develop muscles of the arms and legs.

Sporty Shuttle Runs are Attention Grabbers

Make the kids do 10-meter shuttle runs and when they return to the starting point, they get to kick a soccer ball, pass a rugby ball, catch the football or throw away a weighted ball. The sporty shuttle makes things so much more interesting while helping increase their interest in such healthy activities.

Motivation Tip

How to motivate the kids to exercise?

Sports like basketball makes you jump, hence, allowing you to tone your leg muscles. If the kids are not much into jumping, let them play basketball instead. The ball will lead the way and you’ll see them jumping more often.

What Lack of Physical Games can do to us?

When we enjoy good health, it also sharpens our brains. Since health experts agree that physical fitness exercises generate mental toughness, we feel it is the height of our planning distortion which has cut down the quantifier of games for children. In the absence of games, our kids will turn into bookworms – dull and lifeless. To prevent that from happening, we should encourage sports as an additional step towards their mental development.

Health experts also believe that studies without games will not achieve the desired results. We might produce average engineers and scientists but not be able to produce geniuses or extraordinary multitaskers. So our educational planners should specifically pay attention to the role of games because exclusive concentration on books will not make our kids creative. Consequently, future generations will lack the essential element of an individual, i.e. physical fitness.

Sports Generate Self-Esteem

The games in schools undoubtedly generate physical activity. But they have many additional benefits. They also add to the kid’s self-esteem. Theodore Hesburgh has written extensively on the value of sports and education. All school kids should have an easy approach to sports. It not only gives self-confidence to the students but also helps them achieve higher grades in exams. This is especially relevant in schools where better grades are mandatory for remaining on a school team. In addition, the students maintain a healthy weight, remain immune to diseases and learn necessary skills to keep them physically fit. A fit mind and body are responsible for maintaining peace and tranquility.

Swimming – The Intense Exercise

Swimming is a great way to induce the habit of fitness exercises among kids. It will have a beneficial effect on their health and inculcate in them the significance of being active. Furthermore, it will encourage them to swim at an early so they keep indulging in this sport when they leave school and become thriving citizens of the society.

Spinal health or back health also relates to exercising regularly. Whoever adopts it earlier manages to skip those days of pain and hurt. There are special fitness exercises for the lower back so that you can stay away from spine problems forever.


We need more physical sports or fitness exercises in schools and homes to improve the level of education and child development. The same holds true for parents, teachers and the administration teams.

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