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Headaches get neglected as nothing but a common complaint by the people to avoid certain situations. They are ignored as a stop-whining-about-it- and-get-to-work kind of thing. But if only it was that simple. Many people suffer from it one way or the other but rarity is not the way to determine how serious or nasty something could be. There are many remedies to cure headache but not all of them are doable.

The headache can make our day to day task an extremely difficult thing to do and can force us to reach for the aspirin every time we feel the symptoms of it. This is a very sensitive situation as ultimately that will only perpetuate the whole thing.

All the pain killers that you are taking to get rid of your headache are, in fact, just smothering the symptoms and ignoring the real issue behind it. Don’t throw away the idea of using natural remedies to cure headache, as they are time taking but extremely effective in long run.  Like prescribed pain-killers, they don’t wreak havoc on your body.  And you don’t feel dependent on them for every little headache episode.

Headache Home Remedies

1- Nut Attack

Toss in some almonds when you get a headache instead of popping in a pill. Almonds can prove to be a healthier alternative to medicine for your everyday tension kind of headaches. It has an element known as salicin which acts as a pain reliever due to its properties of an agent in popular over the counter killers. Add a handful of these rich and wholesome nuts to your daily routine and get rid of you minor headaches.

2- Take It on With Cayenne

Having some spice might not sound a helpful way to get rid of headaches. But cayenne is kind of revered in the world of natural remedies to cure pain and inflammation. Capsaicin, which is an ingredient present in cayenne, which takes over an element in our body known as substance P which is a pain preceptor. This is considered to be one of the best remedies to cure headache. Capsaicin eliminates the pain causing effects of Substance P.  According to many studies indicates that when applied topically to the nasal region, a person feels a vital drop in the severity of the headache, thanks to capsaicin.

All you need is ¼ teaspoon of cayenne powder, 4 ounces of warm water and a cotton swabs.  Add ½ teaspoon of cayenne powder into 4 ounces of warm water, dip a cotton swab in it and stir for a couple of minutes to make sure that powder is appropriately mixed and has not settled to the bottom.

Put the moisturized swab gently to the inside part of your nostrils until you feel the warmth. It can be painful and uncomfortable at the beginning. Take that slight burning sensation as the sign that it is working. When it stops burning, hopefully, your headache will be gone away and at least be a bit better than before.

3- Better Posture

In case of the headache caused by tension, improving your postures can make all the difference in the world. A lot of us spend most of our time sitting in an office chair in front of a computer. With a little to no movement and are guilty of bad posturing.  We strain our muscles by hunching forward, slumming or slouching which are all reasons for bad headaches.

Try the use of an ergonomic chair if your work requires you sit down for a longer period of time.  Make an effort to sit straight in a relaxed posture with your shoulders held back, chest open, and neck not hanging too far forwards support less.

Putting work in strengthening the core spinal muscles assist a lot with the posture as balance. The power to support our body weight comes majorly from the center of our body.

4- Application of Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil causes an instant soothing effect. When you suffer from a headache by easing the discomfort and making your mind clear. It is found at many places. It is known to be a a quick reliever of pain.

You can dilute it with olive oil or water if you have a sensitive thinks which gets irritated by it.  Take some peppermint oil and massage it on your temples, back of your jaw and forehead area.

You would experience a cooling sensation while rubbing it on.  Take few deep breathes and if possible, try and find a relaxing and quiet place to sip some cool water.

5- Take Less Chocolate

It is a known fact that eating too much chocolate and in taking too much caffeine can trigger headaches for many people. Hence, try and avoid taking in too much chocolate or caffeine to avoid such situations.

This is our list of remedies to cure headaches. Share with us if you think we have missed out any.

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