How to Lose Weight FAST and EASY in just few days

How to Lose Weight Fast

There is one golden rule as far as a good weight loss diet is concerned. It is to stick to small and achievable goals and lose weight long-term. We have listed down some easy to follow no-fail weight loss tips.  Here are ways how to lose weight fast and by following easy steps.

Take Better breakfast

All meals are important but breakfast is the most important one of them all. The best breakfast routine is the one which keeps you fulfilled, satisfied and not craving for snacks later in the day. Try to intake 400 to 500 calories in your breakfast and include a source of lean protein such as eggs, beans, Greek yogurt, nut or nut butters etc. Your first meal of the day should also include fibers like vegetables, fruits and 100 percent whole grains. Kick start your day with blood-sugar stabilizing meal would enable you to lose weight without making major sacrifices.

How to lose belly fat– Intake real and whole foods

Ensure that all the food you eat is neither processed nor packaged. Salt has preservative traits and all these food has high sodium rates. This is something you need to pay attention to while designing a diet plan. Make sure that all the items you choose are fresh. Fill up on those fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain, low-fat dairy and lean protein.

One of the Best weight loss tips- use limited salt

You should pick a snack which has low sodium components up to 140 mg or even less. So IF you really have to have it, use this guide to choose the better option for you.

Drink Coffee

Start you day with a strong cup of coffee. Caffeine is a vital diuretic and is an essential source of antioxidants. It protects your body cells from damage. You can take around 400 grams of coffee daily. If you are not a coffee drinker, then you can also take tea. It is also a diuretic. According to a study, the green tea drinkers burn about 70 more calories in 24 hours than a nondrinker.

Best weight loss diet- avoid sugary beverages

The truth is we need solid food to feel full, liquids can’t make that happen. Drinking coffee or juices won’t satisfy you in the way a healthy bowl of veggie and protein stir-fry would. So you need to keep a check on your fluid intakes such as juices, soda, sweetened coffee, tea and alcoholic drinks. If you intake any of these drinks, you would have taken around 800 extra calories and you would still be feeling hungry. For example,  alcohol can hinder with the metabolism of fat and make it hard for you to burn calories.

Get a set of 5-pound weights

This would be the most beneficial one-time investment you would ever make. This would build lean muscle tissues and burn more calories. The leaner your muscles are , the faster you would get slim. You can start working out by doing some push-ups, squats or lunges. Also, you can utilize your free weight to perform the basic biceps curls or triceps pulls in your home or office. You just need to do these exercises 3 or 4 times a week to see a clear difference in your physique.

Eat Spicy Food

This trick might actually be really helpful in losing weight. The spicy food such as jalapeno and cayenne peppers have a special compound in them known as capsaicin. This compound makes your body release the stress hormones like adrenaline a little more. Thus this speed up your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn fat. It can also help you to be slow as you eat and also controls the amount of food that goes in. As it is difficult to fill yourself with spicy food.

Go to Bed Early

This might sound ridiculous but sleep deprivation can make you fat and this is just not due to the late night munchies you do while up. This has been proven through many studies that getting less than the desired amount of sleep, which is 7 hours, can slow down your metabolism. In addition to that, if you are up for more hours you would definitely feel hungrier. So getting a good night sleep can help you shed some extra pounds.

These are some of the ways How to Lose Weight Fast and safely, following easy steps.

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