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Kidney CancerĀ 

Kidney cancer is an illness caused by the cells in the organ becoming malignant. The growth of these cells becomes out of control. Thus, they start forming a tumor. This type of illness is commonly referred to as renal cell carcinoma.

Kidney Cancer Diagnosis

The diagnosis of the disease is fortunately possible at the early kidney cancer stages. The ones that are detected early can easily be cured. However, if the oncologists are not able to detect it at an early stage, it can grow to a large size.

Kidney Cancer Causes

Let us discuss the causes behind it.

Kidney Cancer

Skin Color

Research indicates that people with black skin color increase the chances of this disease.


There is an increase in risk of kidney cancer among patients

Increase in Blood Pressure

Doctors may not have ascertained the connection between high blood pressure and the kidney cancer. However, they are skeptical that perhaps the medication or the illness can cause this health issue.

Exposure to Chemicals

There are certain chemicals for which we need to limit our exposure including benzene, cadmium, organic solvents, and herbicides.


This health ailment has the potential to be common among siblings.

Long-Term Use of Pain Medications

Therefore, Try avoiding unnecessary use of pain-killing medication including over-the-counter drugs. Therefore, only use pain medications when you need them.

Obesity and Smoking

Shed off that extra weight from your body to remain safe as besides being one of the causes, it also increases the risk of other illnesses.

kidney cancer

Kidney Cancer Survival Rate

The survival rate depends on the prolonging of the disease. The chance of surviving depends on many factors including the type, stage, and diagnosis. Finally, Oncologists can tell some of the patients about their survival rate but for others, it would not be that easy. Therefore, for knowing about the survival rate, you need to get in touch with your doctor.

The numbers do not necessarily show you the true picture. There are many factors that doctors need to consider before determining the survival rate. Since the methods of treatment are improving over time, it increases the chances of patient overcoming this illness. Similarly, the stage at which the illness was diagnosed also determines the survival rate.

Kidney Cancer Treatment

Let us have a look at the kidney cancer treatment options available to the patients.

Systematic Treatments

Surgery is not the first option for the patients. It depends upon the stage to which the disease has advanced. Medications can be administered via blood stream or orally. These are referred to as systematic treatments since they directly impact the symptoms in the body. Finally, The approaches for this kind of treatment include targeted therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy.

Local Treatments

These treatments are referred to as local because they only impact the area of the treatment without disturbing any other part of the body. Therefore, typical methodologies include ablation, surgery, radiation therapy, and active surveillance.

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