Liver Cancer Diagnosis, Symptoms and Prevention

Liver Cancer Diagnosis

Liver or hepatic cancer starts in our liver. It does not migrate from other parts of the body. Therefore, it is primary liver cancer. Liver cancer diagnosis Sometimes, in other cases, these illnesses do not originate from the organ but instead from some other place. Typical examples of such cancers include the ones in prostate, ovary, renal, and lung.

Global Presence of the Illness

The malignant hepatic tumors are responsible for causing this illness. The typical type of illness is called hepatocellular carcinoma. The liver cancer symptoms in females are different from males. However, this disease is most common in male patients. The NHS in the UK reports that over 1500 people lose their lives to this disease. In a global perspective, Eastern Asian

Cancer Cells

Liver Cancer Diagnosis

There are different diagnostic tests done to for liver cancer diagnosis.


The use of biopsy involves taking out a small tissue sample. The analysis of this issue will unveil if a patient is suffering from this illness.


Different scans can also help in liver cancer diagnosis. These scans also help the oncologists know the right liver cancer treatment to treat patients.

Blood Test

Similarly, the use of blood test includes checking for the traces of a protein named AFP or alpha-fetoprotein. A blood test can also reveal about the presence of this disease.

Liver cancer diagnosis

Liver Cancer Stages

The liver cancer treatment depends on its stage. Let us have a look at the different liver cancer causes behind it.

First Stage

A tumor is present in the liver and not anywhere else.

Second Stage

There are several smaller tumors but they remain inside the liver and not outside. Also, one of those tumors has reached a blood vessel.

Third Stage

One or more large tumors are present near a blood vessel. In this case, it may have reached the gallbladder.

Fourth Stage

The fourth stage is known as metastasis, meaning the disease has spread to all parts of the body.

Liver Cancer Causes

There is no clear indication for the main possible reasons behind it. However, sometimes a chronic infection can be responsible for spreading the hepatitis virus resulting in liver cancer.

Once these viruses start impacting the cells at the DNA level, it starts impacting the cellular growth. The DNA mutations start dictating its terms to maneuver the chemical processes taking place at the cellular level. Sometimes, these instructions result in the unchecked growth of the cells, forming a fatal tumor.

Prevention of Liver Cancer

Here are some tips to avoid getting this fatal cancer.

  • Do not drink too much alcohol and always in moderation. Try to limit the amount of alcohol you are drinking. Men must avoid taking more than two drinks per day.
  • Make sure you are maintaining a healthy body weight. Obesity can also increase the risk of developing liver cancer. Also, try incorporating exercise into your daily life routine. Gradually start reducing the number of calories that you take each day.
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