How to Lose Belly Fat Within 1 WEEK

Are you really bothered by your fat belly? Do you dream of having that unbelievably flat stomach in a blink of an eye? Our Fat stomachs are a result of our bad eating habits and our stationary lifestyle.  We have been looking for ways to help us lose belly fat quickly and swiftly.

What if we tell you there is way of losing your belly fat in a week? You wouldn’t believe us would you? Go ahead and give this post and read and find out how you can lose belly fat naturally within a  week.

How to Lose Belly Fat Quickly

1. Taking Smaller Portions of Food

This is an amazing way to lose belly fat naturally. It is highly recommended to take small portion of food instead of eating 3 full meals. This way you wouldn’t overload your digestive system and keep it light. These small portions of food should be 2 to 3 hours apart. This would result into minimum expansion of your belly and speedy metabolism which would burn up you excessive fat.

2. Minimize the Use of High-fiber Food

At times we fall victim to bloating which results in big belly bump. There are ways you can control this by controlling the use of high fiber food. These bloat causing food includes

  • Cauliflower B
  • Beans
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels Sprouts

They are healthy for your body but harmful for your shape.  It is highly suggested to eradicate their use during this week because they cause gas and bloating. You can add them into your diet after this week.

3. Frequent Intake of Raw Vegetables and Fruits

You do not ask you to eat too many raw fruits and vegetables at once. You should eat them in small portions spread-out through the day. This way they don’t make your stomach stretch.

4. Minimum Use of Dairy Products

dairy products can cause extreme bloating especially if you are an lactose intolerant person.  The main reason for that is their inability to digest “lactose” which is a sugar food in dairy products. We recommend you to take yogurt and milk in small portions and stick to this routine. This is because it would be good for your shape if you intake some milk products.

5. Intake of Potassium Enriched Foods

The food with high potassium level such as avocados, bananas, papaya, mango, cantaloupe and yogurt reduce stomach bloating like magic. The reason behind it is that potassium is a naturally equipped diuretic which helps in minimizing retention and puffiness.

Intake of berries and nuts

Berries have a great resistance against body fat. They stop fat cells to grow in size. They also assist the fat cells in generating “adiponectin” which is a hormone that controls inflammation by lowering blood sugar level.

Nuts can help you lose belly fat tremendously. According to the research, people who eat nuts twice a week gain less weight than people who don’t.

6. More Water Intake

Water works like magic in maintaining your health. But it is even better when you are trying to lose belly fat naturally. This happens because by drinking more water you are actually maintaining the water level in your body. This helps in reducing water retention which is a vital cause behind bloated stomach. It also makes our bellies feel full which reduces over eating.

7. Green Tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants known as “catechins”. These are well known to reduce belly fat.  You should make it a habit to take some green tea before working out.

8. Smoothie Starters

A great way to keep yourself hydrated and healthy is to start your day with a smoothie. They are extremely easy to make and taste great. The best smoothie to start your day with is, hands down, watermelon smoothie.  Watermelon is enriched with amino acid known as “arginine”. It is known to minimize body fat by increasing g lean muscle mass. You can also take pineapple smoothie which helps in breaking down of protein and stops bloating.

9. Introduce Ginger into Your Routine

Ginger has many benefits. It not only soothes your intestines and control bloating, it is also an amazing cure for gas. You can put some grated pieces of ginger into your green tea or can boil them into small pieces to make ginger tea. Peppermint also works well in fighting bloating. There are found in the form of candies and tea. You can add a peppermint leave to your green tea as well.

10. Avoid Using Alcohol and Carbonated Drinks

We are not trying to be a buzz kill by telling you to stay away from your favorite drinks. Alcohol can be your worst enemy if you are trying to lose belly fat. The reason behind it is that is makes your body to store more fat.  This is not all, it also cause your body to burn 36% less fat.

11. Stay Away From Alcohol and Carbonated Drinks

We are not trying to be party poppers by suggesting that you stay away from your favorite beverages. Alcohol is not your friend if you want a flat tummy because it induces your body to store more of the fat you eat. And that’s not all; it also makes you burn about 36% less fat than you would when you are alcohol-free.

It can also hinder in the production of fat burning hormones. Carbonated drinks have gas in them which results in filling your stomach with more gas.

These are some of the easiest ways to lose belly fat in 1 week. Share with us if you have more tips.

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