10 Absolutely Necessary Things for Yoga Beginners

Yoga, a word we hear quite often nowadays, whenever there is talk about exercise, fitness, meditation, stress or mindfulness.

What exactly is Yoga?

The word comes from Hindu scriptures having a huge following in Buddhism and Jainism. It is a combination of physical, mental and mystical actions involving mind and body to attain peace of mind and relaxation of muscles.

It has become a global phenomenon for a long time now. With its evolution, yoga has turned more into an art reflecting the originality of the individual teaching it. Yoga schools and classes are running in almost every nook and corner of the world – You can still find a Yogi in remote areas where it is hard to find food and water.

Get your yogi groove on with these important things.


Mat is the most important item in the yoga essentials kit. You can easily find a well-balanced mat in the malls, sports shops or even online. A good mat can cost you between $50 and $100. It is neither thin nor rough – almost as if you’re standing on a pile of fresh cotton produce. Not exactly that but it is very comfortable and easy to practice on.


You can’t act on your workout routine or become a perfect yogi if you don’t own a pair of easy-going pants that are neither loose nor tight. There are a million options ranging from the highly expensive to the more run-of-the-mill brands. To get an approximate estimate, a pair of cool slacks would cost you under $50.

The pants such as ‘Nike Essential Women’s Running Tights’ are very much the bottoms you want. Their ability to absorb sweat while looking trendy gives them the edge.

Sleeveless Shirt

Yoga supplies for beginners also include a sleeveless top. For women, a braless top would not be as handy as a top with a built-in bra. But it depends on you because some women prefer to buy single individual tops. One that has been a successful top for the fitness fanatics is “Athleta Chi Tank” costing under $50.


Why do you need those blocks? Even if you are not feeling particularly well for the yoga class and your body is clearly showing the signs of fatigue, these blocks assist you in getting through your daily workout. You are able to make all those mystical poses by their help.


Super absorbing towel could be the next item on your list. After all, where does the sweat go once the top and pants have reached their maximum absorbing capacity? The towel is the answer to all those leaking sweat glands. Keep one with you at all times in your bag. “Yoga Brights” is there for the serious yogis.


Having a bag with ample space is just what completes your yoga essentials beginners list. Why the bag? The mat needs to be in a bag for protection against sunlight and unexpected rain. Also, it makes stuff easier to carry around.

Tips for doing yoga at home involve listening to online lessons of renowned trainers and practicing certain moves & poses by yourself. But a class always gets the momentum going and eventually achieving the goal as a group is a wonderful feeling.

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