Noteworthy Organic Beauty Brands | Why are They Best?

Organic stands for something that we obtain naturally. We cannot put our health on the line on account of some fancy marketing or commercialism. The fact of the matter is that manufacturers of beauty products use chemicals manufacturing most of the skin care products, which makes them harmful to our skin. It is high time we move towards natural products, replacing the synthetic ones. This organic talk has become more intense since everyone is ready to adopt natural ways of beautifying! Organic beauty brands have come to the limelight because of serious health risks of non-organic skin care products.

List of Organic Beauty Brands

  1. RMS Beauty
  2. ILIA Beauty
  3. 100% Pure
  4. Alima Pure
  5. Vapour
  6. Lotus Bio-Mineral
  7. Afterglow Cosmetics
  8. Au Naturale
  9. NU Violation
  10. Jane Iredale

This menace-free (chemical-free) list of brands can go on because the word has spread to every nook and cranny of the world. Most of these companies belong to the US. Moreover, these prestigious organic skin care lines have one mutual purpose of distributing safe healthy skincare products across the planet. Bentley Organic, Patyka (French Brand), Ila, Olivella, and Decleor are a few popular organic skin care lines for professional use.

Non-Organic Needs to Go Extinct!

Big brands in the skin care or cosmetic industry have been linked to incidences in which the consumers of their products were diagnosed with cancer. Cancer can’t be taken lightly.

We need to be more conscious of what we are applying to our skin. With that being said, people are becoming increasingly sensitive to know the after effects of toxic chemicals in products. Nowadays, everybody reads the ingredients before buying an item.

The thing about non-organic brands is that they happen to smell terrific. The fragrance in itself is a chemical compound causing allergies or reactions. Don’t let the sweet smell deceive you because organic products lack artificial fragrances.

Piling up Shelves with Organic can be lucrative for business

Several organic beauty brands have hit the skincare and makeup market converting even the little things such as lipsticks into safer beauty enhancers. Although, the struggle continues until the healthy substances posing no health risk are completely taken off the shelves. These brands are paving the way for healthier products to find a place on the market after the constant education of the masses about their benefits.

Humanity at Risk

Basically, synthetic or artificial substances settle down in our skin and do not to dissolve or become part of it. Our skin is the biggest organ and it needs natural materials nurturing and nourishing it in return. Furthermore, when we wash off those products, the chemicals become part of the ecosystem through our sinks, polluting the entire ecosystem. Similarly, the entire aquatic life is at risk. This kind of imbalance can cause diverse consequences for us, humans at the end of the food chain.

Basic Cosmetic Needs of Women in General

Organic beauty brands consist of a range of options catering to all the women’s makeup and skin care needs. However, you only need a few products to keep your skin health in checks such as cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Furthermore, FDA, the US national regulatory authority is working to overcome this problem by taking steps to eradicate harmful products with hazardous chemicals.

A Few Harmful Chemicals Usually Found in Non-Organic Products

  • Lead is the chemical that cosmetic product manufacturers use in the production of most beauty products, hence, organic beauty brands strictly stay away from it. It is normally found in lipsticks, toothpaste, and makeup. Lead can cause abnormalities in the brain, and stomach problems. Women are highly likely to suffer from reproduction issues, and lastly, kidneys may fail.
  • Paraben is dangerous and mostly found in skincare products as a preservative. Europe is already ‘zero tolerance’ for such products. The rest of the world needs to wake up and do something about it. Parabens can cause cancer and disturb hormonal functions.
  • Furthermore, even body sprays that we use in our everyday lives should be organic because conventional sprays contain a chemical formulation by the name of phthalates.

Therefore, organic beauty brands surpass all these obstacles by manufacturing skin-friendly cosmetics.

Treat Yourself to Luxury

Let us look at the organic beauty products list –

  1. W. Basics of Brooklyn Exfoliant
  2. Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Balancing Facial Oil
  3. Odacité Papaya Geranium Serum Concentrate
  4. Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum
  5. Earth Tu Face Skin Stick
  6. Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist
  7. May Lindstrom The Problem Solver

These famous are gaining recognition in the safety conscious beauty and skin care market. Your skin needs must be thoroughly met!

Furthermore, Organic beauty brands use naturally grown substances without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides.


For the ultimate natural skin care routine, it’s very important to read reviews of the best organic skin care products. Therefore, make sure you do that before buying them. Enough information or knowledge can help you stay on top of your game. Furthermore, you will be shining even after the sun goes down.

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