Seasonal Effective Disorder – Winter Depression

Seasonal Effective Disorder – Winter Depression

It has been seen that changing weather can affect the mental status and temperature of some people. Similarly, winter season causes winter depression. With the progression of shorter days and eluding darkness, feeling of depression and pessimism is witnessed. This could lead to the form of extreme thoughts of attempting suicide. This is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It occurs due to the changing weather especially in fall and winter. This disorder is most commonly known as winter depression or blues. People living in colder region are more likely to experience this disorder due to the short days, lack of light and oxygen.

What can cause winter depression?

Changes in hormones could be a cause of winter depression


This is hormone involve in the sleeping process. Experts say that sunshine can stop the production of this hormone making us feel fresh. But due the lack of sunshine in winter our body continuously produce this hormone. This is the reason we find it extremely difficult to get out of bed. It also makes us feel dizzy and sad.


This hormones plays a vital role in maintaining good mood, sleep process and stimulating hunger. But in winters, the production of this hormone falls below the normal level. This happens because the lack of sunshine. It is one of the major causes of winter depression.

Ways to overcome winter depression?

Absorb Light

People suffering from winter depression should sit in front of a light box for around 30 minutes. This would help in boosting their mood and spirits. But this might not be workable for everyone.


Patients of this disorder feel lonely. Hence, by sharing feelings and thoughts with the family and friends can improve a person’s mental health.

Chocolate Therapy

There is an amino acid present in expensive chocolates known as tryptophan. It participates in production of serotonin. Thus, having such chocolates can help to get rid of the feelings of depression and anxiety.


Going for exercise and listening to upbeat songs can also do the job to get rid of winter depression.


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