Sharp Increase of Influenza Cases from Last Year – CDC

According to the experts, older people, infants and pregnant women are getting more affected by this flu virus. Also, people who have low immunity are more vulnerable to influenza cases.


Flu Cases Double from Last Year’s Total

The number of influenza cases in a year in the US is around 7000 which means that this year influenza cases have doubled from last year’s total.


Adverse Effects of Flu Virus

Many deaths have been reported due to the adverse and growing effects of this disease. It is spreading vigorously all over the US.


The latest death due to this flu virus was a woman from Arizona.  After her case, eight more deaths were announced all over America because of it. Adding to the list of casualties, two fatal influenza cases of influenza were cited in Oklahoma. Furthermore, five more deaths have been reported till now in the region of North Carolina.


In addition to this, the less fatal kind of flu virus has been reported to be affecting 90 percent of the US states population. It is rapidly spreading locally to different regions, reports to CDC.


Explaining it further, CDC states that this virus is mainly spreading through four states.  These states include Georgia, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Massachusetts.


An expert at Edward Hospital in Naperville said that this virus is more serious than any other kind of common flu. This is causing some serious distress for the people and doctors as well. As it attacks the vulnerable young and old people.


Flu Vaccine and Its Use

The good news is that vaccinations can help lower the chance of one catching this kind of virus. This could also decrease the rate at which it is spreading from person to person nationwide.


This, however, is said to be effective only in ten percent of the cases against the virus. But an expert of infectious disease at Massachusetts General Hospital said that this rate might seem low but the flu vaccinations tend to be effective between 40 and 60 percent in the most ideal years.

It might be only ten percent effective against this particular virus but it does help in lowering the rates of other strains which are circulating around. But patients are advised to get a shot of vaccine against this virus.


Reports suggest 9.3 million to 35.6 million patients’ influenza cases registered in the U.S between 2010 and 2017. These influenza cases have caused hospitalizations between 140,000 and 710,000. The disease also causes 5,600 deaths on a yearly basis.


Flu shot alone won’t do any good, people have to take certain precautions to protect themselves against it. They have to work on a personal level to ensure the elimination of this disease. Small precautionary steps can help you ditch a great health crisis lying ahead of you.


People need to wash their hands frequently, put a hand on their mouths whenever they cough and stay indoors when sick. These are some important measures to minimize the chances of transmission of this disease, from one person to another.


These minor precautionary measures would not only protect you but also the people around you.

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