VDH Encourages People to Receive Flu Shots – Especially Health Care Workers

Public health officials are calling out to everyone to get their flu shots although is it just September. They are specifically asking health care workers to take them as they visit patient having flu almost every day.

There was event held at Richmond City Health District by Virginia Department of Health. This event included health care leaders along with Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney. During this even Stoney and the Health Commissioner also got their flu shots.

Precautionary Measures

In this event director of health district health pointed out the importance of taking these shots. He said ” the flue is still one of the major causes behind hospitalization and death”.

This call to take flu shots is not been taken seriously. Previous year just 40 % of the American population received this vaccination as per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Health Care Workers Flu Shots

The number of people who received this vaccination remains inert from 2010 to 2014 in Virginia. According to the records of VDH, less then 50% of the population took this vaccines.These rates should be much higher.


Public Health officials are trying to revamp these digits. Because flu can be deadly for the elderly and infants. But this doesn’t only they need to receive the flu shots. Everyone should get is at it could be hazardous on many levels. The chances of the spreading of this disease could also be controlled this way. This could save the vulnerable population. The experts of the field agree on the fact that vaccination for Diseases like Whooping Cough and mumps are important to receive. Same is the same with the flu shots.

A plan known Virgina’s Plan for Well-Being has been introduced for this purpose. Which is a statewide plan aimed to create a healthier and happier state. This plan also has a goal to increase the number of adults who receive an annual influenza vaccine.Improving it from 48.2 to 70 by the year 2020.


┬áThe vaccine causing the flu is still unknown according to CDC. Mostly, people who took the vaccine didn’t complain about it. Soreness, fatigue and fever was witnessed in some cases but that was it. Another rare side effects could be risk of Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Which happens 1 or 2 people out of a million. This risk is much lower than the risk of getting severe flu related issues.

September might seem like to early to take flu shots. But one should consider that it takes about two weeks till it becomes active in the body. So, it might be wiser to take that vaccination as soon as possible.

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