How To Lose Weight Fast At Home Without Exercise

Home Remedies for Fast Weight Loss without Exercise

It could be a difficult task to follow a strict diet plan and work out routine for weight loss. But we have few tricks up our sleeves which could enable you to eat fewer calories without even knowing it. These tricks can assist you in losing weight and prevent you from gaining those extra pounds in the future.

We know exercise is the better option, but we have listed down some easy and doable tasks for you which doesn’t require you to break a sweat. Burn those extra pounds following these very effective and easy tricks.

How to lose 10kg in 1 month without exercise

If you want to burn that extra fat, exercise is the key. It enables you to burn the excessive calories which result in weight loss. But if someone hates exercise, what to do then? Exercise is important to keep you healthy as it regulates your heart rate and builds muscles, but it is not compulsory for weight loss.

Lower the volume and dim the lights

This has been proven by many types of research that people who are eating in an environment where the lighting is dim and the music is light intake fewer calories.On an average, they eat 175 calories less than the people who are eating in the place where the music is loud and the lights are too bright.

Weight Loss

The reason behind that is when someone eats in dim lights you eat slowly and your food cools off a bit. On the contrary, when you rush through your meal you tend to intake way more calories. This happens because a hot food is more delicious than cold food. Nobody would be up for soggy cold chips.

Eat in Small Servings

The easiest and the oldest trick to stop yourself for in-taking those extra calories is by reducing the size of your plate. Instead of using the plate which is 11 or 12 inches wide, use a plate which is 9 or 10 inches wide.  This can enable you to cut down on 23 percent of your regular serving.

Similar to this, if you use a smaller spoon you can reduce your calorie intake up to 23 percent. This can subconsciously help you lose a lot of weight within a week

Out Loud Confession of Eating Snacks

This might not work for everyone, but for some, I work wonders. There is only one rule to it, you can eat any snack you like as long as you announce it out in the open and out loud. Tell the people around you that you are craving for something and even though you are not hungry you are going to eat it anyway. This trick has proven to help people lose around 1.9 pounds per month.

Weigh yourself often

Fat people are normally in a denial that they are gaining weight. They don’t weigh themselves, they wear oversized clothes and they hide behind other people. Weighing yourself can break this behavior of denial. It might not help you in losing weight but it would definitely stop you from gaining more.

The right way to do this is to weigh yourself for 7 days straight after waking up in the morning. After recording your weight for 7 days, take that number and divide it by seven to get the most accurate average of your weight over 1 week period. This could help you decide the weight loss technique you want to acquire.

Own a food journal

One of the best ways to lose weight and keep a track of your food routine is by keeping a food journal. This helps you be aware of your food habits throughout the day and make you more conscious of what you are eating.

Get a good night’s sleep

It has been proven by science that people who tend to sleep less, eat more. When someone is tried they put more food in their mouths than the people who aren’t. This happens because people who are sleep deprived tend to produce “ghrelin” which a hormone that stimulates hunger. This problem is also associated with the psyche of the human mind. Scientists have proven that the portion of the brain which handles rewards and pleasures lights up when a sleep-deprived person eats. As a tired brain less capable to get a hold on its impulses.

Take a Fulfilling Breakfast

Another way to lose weight is by taking a hearty breakfast. This doesn’t mean you should fill yourself up with bacon and hash browns. Try to eat a protein filled breakfast that would help you get by the day. Try eating eggs, yogurt, and peanut butter, etc.

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